Outstanding Logistical Support

Congratulations to Mike Wesley and Jesse Coley, who were recently recognized for their outstanding work in supporting the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Jane Norwood Conference and Training Center.

Mr. William Wiatrowski, Deputy Commissioner of the BLS, wrote a letter to Ms. Lasondia Chaney, Supervisory Contract Specialist of the Branch of Acquisition Management, praising the work of Mike and Jesse. In early December, BLS hosted several meetings associated with the Department of Labor’s Future of Work Conference, and there were hundreds of dignitaries and special guests in attendance. Mr. Wiatrowski wrote that “these events were made all the more successful thanks to the tireless work of Mike and Jesse. There were numerous special requests and changes over that time period. Mike and Jesse were both professional and accommodating in handling these requests. On the day of the event, they worked hard to ensure that all events went off as planned. This work was outstanding and greatly appreciated. Please extend my gratitude for a job well done.”

Additionally, Mike was selected to receive the Blacks in Government Department of Labor (BIG-DOL) 2015 Special Recognition Award based on his outstanding logistical support of several DIG-DOL events throughout the years. The award was presented to Mr. Wesley on February 24th at the African American History Month Awards Program in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Janet Norwood Conference and Training Center.

Well done, Mike and Jesse, for providing our customer with excellent logistical support for these events, and going above and beyond to ensure and promote customer satisfaction.